Panels is our intuitive page building tool. It lets you create unique column layouts populated with the widgets you know and love. Its simple drag and drop interface makes it easy to learn.

From your WordPress admin, navigate to Pages, then Add New. From here, you’ll notice an extra tab called Panels. Click on this tab to bring up the panels interface.

Panels displays columns as yellow blocks. You can add a new block of columns by clicking on the small add columns button.

After you’ve added a block, you can reposition it by dragging the move button.

You can resize columns within a block by clicking and dragging the space between them. Or, double click this space to automatically balance the 2 surrounding columns.

After you’ve created a basic layout, it’s time to start adding content. So, click the add widget button.

You’ll see all of WordPress’ standard widgets, as well as any that your themes and plugins add. The filter up top helps you find a specific widget.

After you’ve added a widget, you can drag it around.

To edit a widget’s settings, click its title.

To delete a widget, click its title, then delete. And to delete a block of columns, click this minus button.

Finally, ensure that you’ve selected the correct page template. You’ll usually want to use a full width, or panel template. After you’ve added a few more widgets, your new page will be ready to be published.